My first 10 IT...

My first 10 IT。。。My first 10 IT。。。Just win this beauty from a auction。。。
Currently still not very stable but already<br>Start eating and swim around。。。

My first 10 IT... 鞍山龙鱼论坛 鞍山龙鱼第1张
My first 10 IT... 鞍山龙鱼论坛 鞍山龙鱼第2张

My first 10 IT... 鞍山龙鱼论坛 鞍山龙鱼第3张Nice fat 4 bar !
looks f:amiliar。。 the auction here? like this piece too
Great to see it stable
Very beautiful piece of 4 bars, bro。
Thanks for comments ?Bros。。。。
Ac tually dont really unde rstand Tiger well。。
But al l thanks to Bro Ron advise me slowly
On situation during this tiger just reach home。。。。
Hope to have more advise on tiger too。。。
[QUOTE=iloveRTG;1346”14]looks familiar。。 the auction here? like this piece too
Yup bro, its from the auction in AFT。。。 Thi s be;auty
is auction by Bro Ron。。。Original ly Posted by Revolution8789
Yup bro,鞍山皇冠黑白魟鱼多久繁殖 its from the auction in AFT。。。 T:his beauty“is auction by Bro Ron。。。 i,ts a beau;ty。。 wanted to auction initially
but decided not to。。 he,①ㄨhe,
Haha。。。 At first I also not auct“ionin,g !the ti,ger。。
as I really dont know their habitat and common
sickness。。。 I got 2 smaller IT but only 2。5"; so cant
experience the so call unstable,①ㄨ internal/external
cloudy eyes。。。 But cant resist。。。。 Haha
I an give  you a list of tiger s、ifu hahaha, I had a tank of ITs which had a spate of cloudy eye。。 almost gave up and move on to planted but o?ne of th?e masters intervene and they are all ok now
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